Robert Mugabe Speaks
BEFORE 3/20/03
Robert Mugabe Speaks
About the UN

Mr. President,

At the 58th Session, alongside others

I spoke about the need to reform

the United Nations and related bodies

so as to make them more democratic.

 I stressed the perils inherent

 in the status quo,

particularly, with regard to the dominance

of global politics

by one superpower and its closest allies.


 While we welcome the current debate

on enhancing the authority

and role of the United Nations,

we wish to stress the need

to address the core issue

of democratization of international


Debate on the reform of the Security Council has been too long drawn because of attempts calculated to protect those whose interests are best served by the status quo.

Ironically, it is the same forces

that since last year

have been raining bombs and hell fire

on innocent Iraqis

purportedly in the name of democracy.

Iraq today has become a vast inferno created by blatant and completely illegal and defiant acts of aggression by the United States, Britain, and their allies, in the full trail of which the world has witnessed mass destruction of both human lives and property, and with them our human rights, values, morality and the norms of international law as enshrined in our Charter.

We are now being coerced to accept and believe that a new political-cum religious doctrine has arisen, namely that "There is but one political god, George W. Bush, and Tony Blair is his prophet".

Mr. President, the U.N. Charter remains the only most sacred document and proponent of the relations of our Nations.

Anything else is political heresy!